Pushing The Human Envelope


On top of our facility membership program and the one on one personal/performance training, Virtus Institute also offers dedicated fitness programs:


Power Alpha Logo

Virtus Power Alpha Athletes are our student/athletes that are at a higher level of competition (high school and college) and wish to dramatically improve their capacity to perform. Virtus Institute’s aim is to prepare these Alpha competitors to train and compete at the next level; whether that is high school, college or beyond.

Power Alpha Athletes train one on one with a Virtus Power Alpha Coach or in a small group setting.  This small coach to athlete ratio ensures that each athlete receives the personal attention they require and deserve.  Each training session utilizes the most effective of training approaches, techniques and programming.  Our programming is designed to develop and amplify the speed, power, strength, endurance and explosiveness of each Power Alpha Athlete.

In addition to superior performance training our coaches help athletes with the other tenets of athletic preparation that are vital to obtaining an elite level of health and fitness.  These areas of focus include proper nutritional advice, instruction on how to best recover and rest from intense training, injury prevention, as well as explaining the science and theories behind our performance training protocols. Virtus Power Alpha Coaches take a truly holistic approach to improving the performance of each and every one of our athletes.  Contact one of our coaches today for more information.

Power kids

Focused on improving your child’s performance in sports as well as general bio-mechanical functions, PowerKidz is designed to be a gradual increase in complexity of training to target both beginner, and already active athletes. Each phase will increase strength, speed, agility, power, endurance, and flexibility. Our program is taught in a safe environment, constantly supervised by coaches interested in improving your child’s athletic and physical performance.  All class times are posted on our monthly calendar page. Fill out the sign up sheet and lets get started:  PowerKidz Fall Registration

Powerkidz Fall 2

PowerTotz is a program designed to improve the five basic bio-motor skills, including speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination by touching upon the seven primal movement patterns to promote healthy physical development for our youngest client group. Children mimic movements through guided instruction during 45-50 minute sessions. Utilizing play type activities and combination movements like running and jumping allow children to enhance physical skills in a positive, safe and encouraging environment. All class times are posted on our monthly calendar page.  PowerTotz Fall Registration



From first time exercisers to fitness freaks, Group Fit has something for everyone. Using functional movements, and circuit training, we aim to improve your life, one exercise at a time.  The Group Fit schedule has many options to fit your lifestyle and is always updated on our calendar page. Also check out our Facebook Page for up to the minute info. Drop-ins are always welcome just drop us an email.

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Virtus Institute aims to improve quality of life, mobility, and overall physical fitness for all of our clients, including those with special needs. Our Adaptive Exercise Programs focus on placing our special needs clients into an appropriate training environment, whether it is a group class or a 1-on-1 situation with one of our dedicated trainers, to provide a physical outlet in a safe environment while promoting exercise through learning new skills. Length, intensity, and skill focus of each session will depend completely on the needs of the individual. Contact Nicole Cribbs  ([email protected]) for more information.