Power Alpha AthleteOur coaches observed a lack of programing offered for athletes performing at higher levels of competition (high school and collegiate). This training void inspired us to create the Power Alpha Athlete program at Virtus Institute: Next Level Programing + Intelligent Training.

Power Alpha Athletes train one on one or in small groups with a Power Alpha Coach. This small coach to athlete ratio ensures that each athlete receives the personal attention they require. Each training session utilizes the most effective training theory, techniques, and programming. Find Out More >>

PowerKidzThere are specific windows of time when children benefit greatly from exercise. We feel that too many children are being specialized too early and are missing these great development opportunities. The coaches at Virtus Institute created PowerKidz to combat the early specialization trend. Find Out More >>

Power TotzEarly childhood activity is some of the most important activity of your life. We found a lack of quality programs offered for early childhood activity. Our coaches created PowerKidz to address this problem for your children.

The primary focus on movement and balance is what sets PowerTotz apart from other programs that focus on early childhood training. Many children lack stimulation in these important areas which can lead to delayed development. Structuring the program around games and play keeps the activities fun and exciting for everyone involved. Find Out More >>

Group FitIn this cluttered fitness landscape, it is great to have some consistency and clarity. Having a knowledgeable coach with a complete guide to your fitness is important. These growing fitness needs led us to create GroupFit. Find Out More >>

Adaptive ExerciseVirtus Institute aims to improve quality of life, mobility, and overall physical fitness for all our clients, including those with special needs. Our Adaptive Exercise programs focus on placing our special needs clients into an appropriate training environment, whether it is a group class or a 1-on-1 situation with one of our dedicated trainers. We provide a physical outlet in a safe environment while promoting exercise through learning new skills. Find Out More >>

Virtus Barbell GroupBarbell training has never been more popular than it is today. Are you interested in learning proper technique for the “Big Three” movements (Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift)? Are you a competitive Powerlifter looking to tweak your technique to get the most on the platform? Our Barbell Group was created just for you. Find Out More >>